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Oracles and Mysteries (Thomas Taylor Series, volume VII)

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Volume VII of the Thomas Taylor Series.

This volume includes the following essays and translations by Thomas Taylor:

  • The Chaldean Oracles, compiled by Taylor from various texts & textual references
  • The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries
  • The History of the Restoration of the Platonic Theology
  • Hermeas' Platonic Demonstration of the Immortality of the Soul, from his scholia on the Phaedrus.
260 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781898910060.

  • About the Thomas Taylor Series

    The Prometheus Trust Thomas Taylor Series reprints the complete philosophical works of Thomas Taylor, the "English Platonist," in a complete and uniform edition, spanning 33 hardcover volumes.

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    The Thomas Taylor Series is also available is a complete set, at a substantial discount over buying each volume individually.

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