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Proclus' Elements of Theology (Thomas Taylor Series volume I)

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Volume I of the Thomas Taylor Series

This is one of the great books of the Platonic Tradition. Its scope is the whole sphere of 'Authentic Reality' which Plato recommends to all who aspire to wisdom, and which Plotinus outlines in his Enneads. It takes as its starting point The One—the highest and most abstract idea that the human mind can affirm—and follows dialectically the unfolding of this through division, analysis, demonstration, and definition. It shows how The One is perfectly manifest in the Gods, and then how it "descends" while at the same time remaining exempt, at each succeeding level of intellect, soul, and body. A work of unequalled dialectic.

This second Prometheus Trust edition has Taylor’s extensive notes from his 1792 edition added to the main text of his 1816 edition.

176 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781898910435.

  • About the Thomas Taylor Series

    The Prometheus Trust Thomas Taylor Series reprints the complete philosophical works of Thomas Taylor, the "English Platonist," in a complete and uniform edition, spanning 33 hardcover volumes.

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    The Thomas Taylor Series is also available is a complete set, at a substantial discount over buying each volume individually.

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