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Proclus' Theology of Plato (Thomas Taylor Series, volume VIII)

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Volume VIII of the Thomas Taylor Series.

This volume retains all of Taylor's introduction, notes, and his reconstruction of the lost seventh book. It is an essentially religious work: a near perfect attempt to express in a manner accessible to the reasoning mind, the universal order in, of, and around, all things. As such, Proclus' masterpiece is pan-cosmic in its scope, illuminating for us the Principles which produce, vivify, and perfect the whole of Being, Life, Intellect, Soul, Nature, and Body, while suspending all these from superessential Unity, which all things abide in, proceed from, and return to. It has been called one of the Great Scriptures of the world.

Although the sublime genius of Proclus can be seen at its best in this magnum opus, Taylor's translation is, unbelievably, still the only one available in English. This is the first full republication of his original two-volume work, published here in a single volume.

730 pages..

ISBN 9781898910077.

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