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Song of the Solipsistic One

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By Deepa Majumdar.

This anthology consists of 70 poems, on philosophical topics such as the One, The Divine Name, Cosmic Union, Cosmology, Cosmic Illusion, Afterlife, Self, Imagination, Desires, Thoughts, Body, Love, Virtue, Beauty, Time, Eternity, History, Death.

"My influences are many, but my inspiration remains the perennial, universal mystic vision of oneness. I admire greatly the depth of thought in the works of western thinkers like Plato, Plotinus, William Wordsworth, Emily Brontë and Bertrand Russell ... but my ultimate inspiration comes from the great sages and poet seers of the Indian tradition, whose highest trans-discursive experiences have shaped the basic vision of Advaita Vedanta. My work is rooted in a consistent existential- theological-metaphysical paradigm drawn from this Advaitic experience... This vision asserts that there is, in the end, only one Reality – namely God (Brahman). Inasmuch as this solitary Reality is the universal Self – a supreme object-free Subject – it becomes the solipsistic One. When this Reality enters human history ... that is, when the Infinite appears in the guise of the finite ... it comes in the form of the Divine Incarnation or Avatara.

In this work, I envision the Divine, poetically, as a magnificent Sun ... coiling round and round ... animated by the twin powers of contemplation and aspiration. Our human prayers and meditation rotate this flaming wheel. But the whirling Sun, in turn, attracts to itself thought lanterns from the human mind."

192 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781898910633.