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The Hymn of Thomas Taylor

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Adapted by Guy Wyndham-Jones.

Transcending the limitations of his birth, his education, his health and any desires for personal comfort, Thomas Taylor dedicated his life to the understanding and promotion of the philosophy of the Platonic tradition – for no other reason than it is of the greatest good for humanity upon this earth – and in this, he left to us such a remarkable body of work, that it is difficult to comprehend that this was the production of one man in one life; surely only enabled through inspiration and by divine allotment. Surrounded by ignorant contempt in his time he ever kept his eye upon the goal, and in the fervent hope that a more enlightened posterity would appreciate, embrace and continue the work…

120 pages. Hardcover.

By Night
As Penelope,
Who is the image of Philosophy,
Unwove by night
What she had woven by day,
So Ignorance reweaves
What Philosophy unweaves.

Hence Philosophy dissolves the soul from,
But Ignorance weaves it to,
The body.


  • About the Music of Philosophy Series

    This series of little hardback books presents some of the most profound and beautiful thoughts committed to writing by the philosophers of the Platonic Tradition. Each book has around 80 extracts arranged into verse form (although no words have been changed or omitted), and divided into four sections for morning, afternoon, evening and night meditations. “The intention,” writes the adaptor, “is to inspire . . .”

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