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The Music of Plato

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Adapted by Guy Wyndham-Jones.

At once scientific, full of reasons, enlightening, controversial, divisive, beautiful, accurate and mystical, the words of Plato have resounded through the years, until all who look at philosophy look at Plato and all who look at Plato look at philosophy – so central has been his music to all subsequent generations of seeking souls. The tradition he generated lives on until this day and will continue for so long as the love of wisdom inspires mankind. It is replete with golden links and precious gems, the souls of men and women imbued with such a love, like a glittering chain about the breast of the goddess, radiating such wisdom and beauty as they are truly able. It is the friend of every other tradition that places the wisdom of the good at its head; and as Philosophy is the mother, so the Platonic Tradition is one of her most beautiful offspring.

120 pages. Hardcover.

Gaining Empire
Every king is able to do
But a little with his hands,
And the whole of his body,
Towards the possession of empire,
But much by the wisdom
And strength of his soul.


  • About the Music of Philosophy Series

    This series of little hardback books presents some of the most profound and beautiful thoughts committed to writing by the philosophers of the Platonic Tradition. Each book has around 80 extracts arranged into verse form (although no words have been changed or omitted), and divided into four sections for morning, afternoon, evening and night meditations. “The intention,” writes the adaptor, “is to inspire . . .”

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