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Anonymous Prolegomena to Platonic Philosophy

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Edited and translated by L.G. Westerink.

A fascinating work from the Alexandrian School’s late period. The subjects covered include:

  • the life of Plato and his motives for writing,
  • the characteristics of Platonic philosophy, and
  • the dialogues themselves: their elements, titles, divisions, methods of presentation, rules for establishing their central theme, and their order of study.

128 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781898910510.

  • About the Series

    The Platonic Texts & Translations series from the Prometheus Trust makes essential late Platonic
    texts and translations—the fruit of exceptional scholarship from the last 50 years—available to a wide readership.

    Each volume is a revised version of its original, and presents parallel Greek texts and English translations, together with extensive notes and indices.

    The eight volumes of series are bound in matching red hardcover.

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