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Prometheus Trust

Deep Philosophy, Deep Ecology

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Edited by Mary-Ann Crumplin.

We are in the middle – or possibly at the beginning – of an ecological crisis: how are we to respond? The usual reply to this question is to list a series of behavioural changes alongside a number of technological innovations which, combined, will fix the problem. But suppose our real problem lies not with externals, but within ourselves? What if the driving force of this crisis is our misunderstanding of both ourselves and the world in which we live?

The 'deep ecology' movement challenges humankind to rethink its relationship with the natural world, and believes that anything less will invite failure. This book takes this as a starting point, and offers a number of ways we can radically reset the trajectory of our global civilisation. From Taoism to Platonism, from Hermeticism to Francis of Assisi, from 'enlightenment' philosophers to post-enlightenment thinkers, the thirteen chapters of Deep Philosophy, Deep Ecology offer a range of responses to the challenge laid down by the movement. The contributors do not speak with a single voice – very far from it – but they join with each other in seeking to find solutions to the crisis that clearly demands our serious attention. You are invited to join them in that search.

288 pages. Paperback.


  • Delphic Ecology - Tim Addey
  • The Ibis Omen - Etain Addey
  • Brotherhood as the Relation between Man and Nature: a comparison between St. Francis of Assisi & the Spiritual Wheel -Valeria Zanon
  • Plato’s Conscious Universe and the Unity of Things - Stuart Dunbar
  • The Intelligible Intricacy of the Natural World - Ann van Ryn
  • An Ecstatic Naturalist Approach to the Anthropocene - Marilynn Lawrence
  • Navigating the Anthropocene: Insights from the Wisdom of the Corpus Hermeticum - Sally Jeanrenaud & Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud
  • How Lockean Influence May Contribute to an Ecological Ethos - Paul Fagan
  • Thinking Ecologically: a post-Enlightenment perspective - Eccy de Jonge
    Returning to Wonder - Mary-Ann Crumplin
  • Do the Deepest Roots of a Future Ecological Civilization Lie in Chinese Soil? - Freya Mathews
  • The Relation of Crisis to Constant Order - Robert Bolton
  • Graveyard, incubator or something much stranger? Blind World or Multiworlds versus Deep Ecology and Neoplatonism - Kevin Corrigan

ISBN 9781898910701.