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Hymns and Initiations (Thomas Taylor Series, volume V)

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Volume V of the Thomas Taylor Series.

This book reprints the 1824 second edition of Taylor's Mystical Hymns of Orpheus, including 87 hymns together with a dissertation on the life and theology of Orpheus, and extensive additional notes replete with the translator's insights into the Orders of the Gods. The essay which accompanied the 1787 first edition, and which is substantially different from that of the second edition, is added here.

Also included: Six hymns of Proclus;

  • Boethius' 'Hymn to Jove'
  • Emperor Julian's `To the Mother of The Gods'
  • Eighteen hymns by Thomas Taylor
  • and a simplified initial guide to the Greek Theogony, by the editors.

The second edition of this volume now includes a set of seven hymns by Thomas Taylor, previously only published in a 1930’s magazine.

340 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781898910046.

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    The Prometheus Trust Thomas Taylor Series reprints the complete philosophical works of Thomas Taylor, the "English Platonist," in a complete and uniform edition, spanning 33 hardcover volumes.

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