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Iamblichus: The Platonic Commentaries

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Edited, with translation and commentary, by John M. Dillon.

This is a new edition of Professor Dillon's 1972 collection and translation of the fragments of Iamblichus' commentaries on the Platonic Dialogues, originally published as Iamblichi Chalcidensis, In Platonis Dialogos Commentariorum Fragmenta.  It benefits from the translator's amendments to his original edition gathered over the ensuing thirty-seven years of scholarly work.

This perhaps more than any other English language publication shows how much Iamblichus as a writer deserves to be seen in the light of what might be called mainstream late Platonic philosophy, rather than as solely a "theurgic specialist."

Facing Greek and English text, with extensive commentary by the translator.

450 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781898910459.

  • About the Series

    The Platonic Texts & Translations series from the Prometheus Trust makes essential late Platonic
    texts and translations—the fruit of exceptional scholarship from the last 50 years—available to a wide readership.

    Each volume is a revised version of its original, and presents parallel Greek texts and English translations, together with extensive notes and indices.

    The eight volumes of series are bound in matching red hardcover.

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