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Proclus’ Commentary on the First Alcibiades

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Edited by L.G. Westerink. Translated by William O'Neill.

This edition is the first publication of a parallel text and translation of Proclus’ extensive and profound Commentary on the Alcibiades.  It combines the Greek text edited by Westerink, first published in 1962, with the English translation of O’Neill, originally published in 1965.

The late Platonists considered the First Alcibiades to be the best starting point for the new student of philosophy, because its primary theme is an exploration of the Delphic exhortation, “know thyself.”  And since all human knowledge is shaped by our particular nature, unless we understand the nature of our self all further knowledge is dubious.  This Commentary is an extensive examination of this theme, and its most important implications.  It draws not only on Plato's text, but also upon the Chaldean Oracles, Orphic mythology, and the writings of Proclus’ predecessors in the late Platonic tradition.

528 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN 9781898910497.

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