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Prometheus Trust

Selections From the Prometheus Trust Conferences, 2006-2010

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Edited by Linda H Woodward.

This volume brings together 14 papers presented at the first five annual conferences of the Prometheus Trust. The collection attempts to reflect the nature of these conferences, which bring together academic specialists, academics stepping outside their specialism, and non-academics. The hope is that the contributors are drawn by a common love of wisdom so that each is willing to cross those mental boundaries which habit so often allows – almost unnoticed – to circumscribe our understanding, and each is willing to share the insights of their own pursuit of truth in whatever fields and down whatever paths they have chosen.

224 pages. Paperback.


  • Are you a Platonist? - John H. Spencer
  • Speaking the vision - Martha Lyn
  • Autonomy and the justification of philosophy - Mark Piper
  • Pagan polytheism, the theoi meilichioi and the theoi maimaktikoi in Graeco-Roman mysteries - Isha Gamlath
  • Suhrawardi and Plotinus on self-knowledge as illumination - Samir Mahmoud
  • Plato, a Deleuzian: On the indiscernibility of the philosopher in Plato’s Sophist - Julia Sushytska
  • The luminous pyramid - Tim Addey
  • How curiosity killed the existentialist - Mindy Mandell
  • Five steps to death: Reflections on Plato’s Phaedo - Jeremy Best
  • Friction and fire - Leonard George
  • Between psychical and physical death - Noel Boulting
  • Plotinus on nature: a new view through an ancient lens - Ann Van Ryn
  • ‘Only a God can save us’: Crisis and resolution - Alan Cardew
  • The ancient Greek temperament and the interpretatio graeca: Reflections on a facet of classical paideia - Michael Griffin

ISBN 9781898910664.