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The Seven Myths of the Soul

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By Tim Addey.

Revised second edition, 2024.

For more than one thousand years, the Pythagorean and Platonic philosophers of antiquity visited and revisited their primeval mythological heritage which was the living heart of their pagan religion, art and science. In earliest antiquity the inner truths of myth were held to be suitable only for those who had undergone the initiations and training of mystery cults and academies of philosophy, and were communicated in secret and guarded language; in later antiquity, circumstances forced their interpreters to become more open and commit their insights to writing. It is these writings upon which Tim Addey draws in order to present to the non-specialist reader a philosophic interpretation of the beautiful and powerful myths of the Greeks

The Seven Myths of the Soul is based on a passage from Damascius, the last head of Plato's Academy in Athens:

The Soul descends into generation, after the manner of Kore;
She is scattered by generation, after the manner of Dionysus ;
Like Prometheus and the Titans, she is bound to body.
She frees herself by exercising the strength of Heracles ;
Gathers herself together through the help of Apollo
And the Saviour Athene, by truly purifying philosophy;
And she elevates herself to the causes of her being with Demeter.

In the stories of Persephone (Kore), Dionysus, Prometheus, Heracles, Apollo, Athene and Demeter the trials, initiations and ultimate triumph of each human soul are outlined in mystical symbols. For those seeking soul wisdom this book provides the starting point for a cycle of profound meditations.

This paperback edition includes eleven color plates illustrating the various myths, and many diagrams outlining the basic relationship between the various conditions through which the soul passes.

240 pages. Paperback.

Contents (by chapter)

  1. An outline of Platonic philosophy 
  2. The journey of the Soul 
  3. Persephone 
  4. Dionysus 
  5. Prometheus 
  6. Heracles 
  7. Athene 
  8. Apollo 
  9. Demeter 
  10. Some Conclusions 
  11. Plato's Symposium and Myth 
  12. A defence of the worship of the Gods

ISBN 9781898910732.