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The Chant of Plotinus

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Adapted by Guy Wyndham-Jones.

From the introduction: "My own experience, from frequent and prolonged reading of the various works of Plotinus, is that it often appears as if I am listening to a dialogue, an interior dialogue, between the man and his deepest self; but at other times it is as if he is talking directly to the soul of the reader, calmly yet firmly demanding a kind of clarity of thought and concentration which is both rare and to a certain degree unnecessary in ordinary daily life; and yet at other times it is as if he is chanting to an audience, either present or imagined, intimate yet vast, and drawing it into a truly psychical world of profound investigation and dialectic inspection. He does not seem to write merely for the sake of necessity, but because he desires from his soul to talk with whoever is willing and ready to listen and engage with him – and I can only imagine that he wrote as he thought and as he spoke: which is one reason why his pieces are so vibrant and vital, as one is engaged with a whole soul immediately present."

120 pages. Hardcover.

The Cause of Union
Soul first sees the intellect which she contains,
But the vision proceeds into her,
And the two become one.
The Good, however,
Extending itself to these,
And adapting itself to the condition of both,
Runs above them,
And uniting the two,
Imparts to them a blessed sensation
And vision.


  • About the Music of Philosophy Series

    This series of little hardback books presents some of the most profound and beautiful thoughts committed to writing by the philosophers of the Platonic Tradition. Each book has around 80 extracts arranged into verse form (although no words have been changed or omitted), and divided into four sections for morning, afternoon, evening and night meditations. “The intention,” writes the adaptor, “is to inspire . . .”

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