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The Meno

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Translated by Floyer Sydenham and Thomas Taylor.

The Meno is one of the foundational dialogues of the Platonic tradition.  It initiates a series of investigations into subjects which lie at the heart of philosophy: What is virtue? How is it acquired? How can we learn about the essence of things? Why should we strive after a rational knowledge rather than rely upon right opinions? And when we formulate answers to these questions, what do they tell us about our own nature?

This edition of Floyer Sydenham's translation, revised by Thomas Taylor for inclusion in his Works of Plato, also includes an extract from Proclus' Commentary on the Republic on Virtue, and three introductory essays by Tim Addey: An Overview of the Meno, On the Virtues, and On Reminisence: Remembering Immortality.

176 pages. Paperback.

ISBN 9781898910923.

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