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The Song of Proclus

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Adapted by Guy Wyndham-Jones.

Like A Casting of Light, this little book presents a number of passages from Proclus arranged in verse form: the effect is both striking and inspiring. The voice is our native instrument of music, whether the vocal or the written word; both, when genuine, are the song of soul, and together they voice the soul’s music. The numerous offerings in this little book will present you with a flavour of both the nature and scope of the beautiful vision of Proclus, the extraordinary lover of wisdom; and they will illustrate the music of philosophy, to be found within the prose of the philosophers of the Platonic tradition. Together they represent the Song of Proclus; and each piece is a meditation in itself.

120 pages. Hardcover.

Radical Summits
As trees by their summits
Are rooted in the earth,
And are earthly according to these,
After the same manner,
Divine natures are by their summits
Rooted in The One,
And each of them is a henad
And one,
Through unconfused union with The One.


  • About the Music of Philosophy Series

    This series of little hardback books presents some of the most profound and beautiful thoughts committed to writing by the philosophers of the Platonic Tradition. Each book has around 80 extracts arranged into verse form (although no words have been changed or omitted), and divided into four sections for morning, afternoon, evening and night meditations. “The intention,” writes the adaptor, “is to inspire . . .”

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