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The Symposium of Plato

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Translated by Floyer Sydenham and Thomas Taylor.

This dialogue is one of the literary masterpieces of the world and a philosophic treatise which has few equals. In this translation by Floyer Sydenham and extensively revised by Thomas Taylor, the profundities of Plato's mystical system are faithfully transmitted to the reader. The student will find a treasury of notes concerning the background to the dialogue as well as the mystical symbolism hidden within it.

This edition also includes:

  • Thomas Taylor's magnificent Poetical Paraphrase of Diotima's Speech.
  • Plotinus' Ennead (III, 5) On Love, translated by Stephen Mackenna.
  • "Diotima's Continuum of Love," by Tim Addey.
  • "Socrates the Lover," by Tim Addey.
  • "The Place of the Symposium in the Writings of Plato," by Tim Addey.
  • "The Beauty of Truth," by Guy Wyndham-Jones.

Approximate Stephanus line numbering accompanies the text, and the names of the Gods have been restored to their Greek originals.

208 pages. Paperback.

ISBN 9781898910978.

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